List of actions Clipboard Actions support
  • Call: finds a phone number and calls it.

  • Email to: finds email address and starts to compose a new mail with the found address.

  • Translate: jumps right to Google Translate and translate it your preferred language.

  • Show on map: copies an address and jumps directly to the map!

  • Search: uses the copied text in Google Search.

  • Open Link: finds a link and opens it in the browser.

  • Share: shares copied content in other apps (e.g. What’s App, Twitter, Facebook, …).

  • Currency Conversion: converts to another currency with Google

  • Define: shows word definition right in the notification bar (currently only for English)

  • QR Code: converts a text into a QR code!

  • Short URL: shortens an URL, what else? ;)

  • Default Action: setup your favourite/most used app as the default action.

  • Media Action: download images (e.g. GIFs!) and share it immediately.

  • Jump to previous clipboard entries!

  • Removal of items from the history.