Clipboard Actions

I see you are interested in Clipboard Actions!

Clipboard Actions creates actions based on your clipboard and shows them in the status bar as notifications.

If you like the project, please give me 5 stars and add a comment on Google Play Store. Or even better: go to the GitHub project to report issues or feature requests!

This is a iterative project. New features will be added soon ...

Release 1.19

Inbetween Chrismas and New Year Clipboard Actions has started to get more and more new users. Thanks folks, for all the great 5* reviews! It feels fantastic to read through them and much more importantly: they gave me lots of new motivations to improve the app further! What’s new... [Read More]

Release 1.18

It’s Christmas Vacations & I finally found time to add some new features to Clipboard Actions. What’s new in this release: New Feature: Share media: download images (e.g. GIFs!) and share it immediately. Improvements: Bug fixes.... [Read More]

Release 1.15

Last release has been a while ago. I’ve been more looking into how people are exactly using Clipboard Actions, in order to improve existing and add new features. What’s new in this release: 1. New Features: ... [Read More]

Release 1.13

Thanks to bendice, who made some feature requests on GitHub, Clipboard Actions now has two brand new features! What’s new in this release: 1. QR Code: converts a text into a QR code! 2. Short URL: shortens... [Read More]

Release 1.10

I spent the passed 2 weekends looking into possibilities to add a “Define” action to Clipboard Actions. It turned out to be more complicated than I thought! I tried to work with Wiktionary at first, but their API responses were not consistent and pretty unreliable. Afterwards, I looked into this... [Read More]